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Cozy Comb introduces a brand new style of living aiming to provide quality and affordable co-living space and networking option to people who like to stay in this vibrant city even for as short as (one*) month period. By injecting smart, innovative design into the co-living projects, our rooms are well-appointed with standard and convenient amenities, with a sharing of common space to facilitate communication among each other; and the careful choice of locations that is only steps away from Mass Transit Railway for easy access to almost all destinations will enrich your living quality and experience in Hong Kong.

About Us

We are a group of corporate professionals with over 20 years of extensive experience working in top-notch international establishments in Hong Kong real estates, hospitality, engineering, surveying, design and project management.


With Cozy Comb, we believe our co-living concept signifies a new way of living and collaborating as a community, connecting different people from around the world. Bringing a sense of “togetherness” and gives you a choice to “live your freedom” with like-minded people in a dynamic environment.



To utilize our decades of professional knowledge and experience gained in real estate and hospitality sector to create for our residents an affordable, secure and comfortable environment in convenient prime locations.



To move beyond traditional living concepts and be the leading services provider in the co-living sector.


Our key drives:

The founders of Cozy Comb, were born and raised in Hong Kong. With over three decades of studying, living, and working in different countries and this cosmopolitan city. Hong Kong is our root and this has become our core drive to think of how house sharing model can benefit to many, providing an option for more collaboration between neighbours and foster diversity. Moving forward, we will continue to explore and develop models of this kind not only that we firmly believe communal homes portend new ways of living but also an eco-friendly movement for our many generations to come.

By Cozy Comb

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