Living in Cozy Comb, Enjoying the following features.

  • Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Due diligence analysis was conducted for our Cozy Comb's properties.

  • Convenient Locations

Our properties are coming up with walking distance to the Mass Transit Railway and other major public transport networks and social infrastructure so that you will not miss a chance to meet with your business clients, friends, and important events.

  • Hassle Free Leasing

We offer complete flexibility to people who are looking for homes that are fully furnished, serviced and managed. Monthly rent includes a host of facilities and utilities like WiFi, common kitchen and laundry machine, utility bills, household maintenance, cleaning and all furnishings.

  • Flexi-rent Period

We understand living and life-style mobility is your priority. That is why we created a headache-free life-style option offering you a cost-effective accommodation for as short as 1 month lease period to suit your changing needs.

  • Communal Area

We believe in creating memories and value experiences. The communal area in shared living spaces will help building relationships and a sense of neighborhood, allowing individuals with common interests to come together as a community.

  • Communal Area Cleaning Service

It is important that the living area is able to provide residents with a hygienic and enjoyable entrance to their home. As such, we arrange communal area cleaning visit.

  • Legally Compliant

Cozy Comb makes good use of its professional knowledge in residential buildings, international hotels, banks and commercial buildings to check all residential properties to ensure that all co-living spaces being offered to its customers are legally compliant.

  • No Leasing Agent Fee

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